About MuseLaa

We at MuseLaa, MuseLaa WorldWide LLC and MuseLaa Fitness are here to provide a quality environment for us to connect. This lifestyle was created for people WorldWide to grow in a diverse community to build the best you. We're a tool to take your vision, dreams, goals and make them your reality over consistent growth in a period of time. No one is perfect and that's the blessing, connecting with our community. We want you to become great over a course of time, don't rush GREATNESS, just be consistent with your self growth. Take the first step and check out the website, send me a message and Let's Grow Together Consistently 1 Day At A Time!! (1Luv!!)

Hello, my name is Leopold Ashley III and born in Kingston, Jamaica.  I was raised in the cold state called MinneSnota and I have nothing but love for the state of Minnesota.

I hated every minute of training, but I said, 'Don't quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion.' Muhammad Ali


I grew up playing sports, lifting weights and learning technology and I mean old school technology.  I went to University of St Cloud State and played college football there and that was an amazing experience.  While I was going to college, I continued to learn technology and I learned how to build websites, since then I have never turned back.  After playing 7 years of Semi-Pro Football and making 2 All Star teams, I developed my brand MuseLaa.  It's a technology & product company. 

My goal is to connect with people world-wide and to continue to grow this company and help others create and grow their company.  I can teach anyone how to build a website and create a product name and product design, feel free to reach out to me!! | 1Luv

Leopold Ashley III
1. Appreciate who you are when looking in the mirror.
2. Focus on self growth from A to Z.
3. Your | Mind | Body | Soul | are the gifts we have to work on daily.
4. What are you putting into your mouth daily? You are what you eat.
5. Are you ready to do it all over again tomorrow?